Our Own Backyard

Most parents want their kids to be successful. This desire has driven our society to take competition to a fever pitch to find the best schools, teachers, sports teams, ballet, gymnastics, art, and music. Parents are pushing their kids to be the best at everything, and have explored, exploited, and exaggerated every extracurricular activity on the planet!

In our haste to set our kids up for a wonderful life, we have forgotten to look in our own backyard and inside the four walls of our own homes. We send our kids to every expert under the sun, but then forget that we are the “keepers of the secrets”—the secret skills to help any kid become a success at anything they desire in life.

What Millionaires Have in Common

Millionaires all seem to have four common characteristics that drive them:

Millionaire Mindset

These characteristics can be fostered in anyone, and who better to learn them than our kids?

I have taken these common characteristics and boiled them down to six millionaire skills, or ways of thinking, which every kid can and should learn:

Millionaire Skills
Dream it
Believe it
Love it
Work it
Own it
Give it