Meet Ann – a mom on a mission
Ann Morgan James
Ann and her entrepreneur

Ann James is an author, speaker and Jack’s Mom. In her book, How to Raise a Millionaire, Ann tells how she helped her son Jack regain his self-esteem and confidence after being bullied in school.

At age 9, Ann’s son Jack was dealt a devastating blow. He was bullied in school to the point of physical violence. As if that was not enough,he was also diagnosed with Dyslexia. His self-esteem was virtually non-existent.

Ann knew she had to do something. As a marketing professional for more than 25 years Ann turned her talents for selling other people’s products to her son and helped him start a growing business which now nets him an average of $70+ a month.

Ann was amazed with the results. Jack learned a millionaire mindset and things he would never learn in school, but more importantly; Jack got his self-esteem back in spades.


Meet Jack – a kid with bully-proof self esteem!
Jack - a bully-proof kid
Jack – Future Millionaire!

Jack James is an ordinary kid. At the age of 9, his mom encourage him to start his own business. He decided to write a book to encouragement other kids who are thinking about starting a business. Jack’s book is written from one kid to another.     

In How to let your parents Raise a Millionaire Jack tells other kids the story of how he started his business, Jack’s Garbage Valet, He explains how easy and fun it can be and explains exactly why other kids should strive to become an entrepreneur.
There are plenty of great books out there about kids and business.  This book is different, it is the unique story of how one kid did it. It is personal, practical, easy to read, encouraging and fun.